Life of a Single Mother

Rushing, rushing, constantly in a hurry The father has long gone; the mother with children scurries "Time to go!" The mother cries. "It's time for school!" But deep inside, her heart aches; the mother worries   The mother is no longer a mother; she's an employee Sitting behind a desk attempting to focus on her… Continue reading Life of a Single Mother

The City

As I return to the city, I see the lights of the skyscrapers above Who is inside?  What are they thinking?  What are they doing?   It makes me all the more curious as I step off of the bus and see the doves I see another tall building.  And another.  And yet another.  I'm… Continue reading The City

All Hail The (Computer) Screen

As I walk down the street I bump into Another woman who's focused touching her screen Of her smartphone. It doesn't end with her.  A man is talking aloud as if He's talking to himself only to see he's wearing Earbuds.  I speak to him and realize I'm the idiot!  He's not Speaking to me!  And… Continue reading All Hail The (Computer) Screen

An Acidic Acrostic to A False Friend

Reminiscing the accusatory rantings of the guilty So,  he said I knew nothing about friendship? Truth, honesty, loyalty, devotion, and companionship Understanding, compassion, trust; all must be mutual Vindictiveness, spite, dishonesty, distrust, disloyalty Will kill the heart of a friend like bloody murder corporeal.