Secrets of the Flame

Photo by Kartabya Aryal on Unsplash You look at me, I look at you You think I'm ok, but am I? Secrets of the Flame I hold inside The raging torrent I try to hide You think you know me; have known me But do you? Have you? How could you? Secrets of the Flame I've hidden deep… Continue reading Secrets of the Flame

Dreams From a Cup

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash My mind begins to float as I grab my teacup My heart races as I try to get my courage up A breath in. A breath out. In. Out. Relax. A sip. Close the eyes. Sit back. Him. He's back. It's as if he never left. Again the heart races; I take… Continue reading Dreams From a Cup

And Then…She Jumped

A nightmare had long begun; the mind was being stretched and twisted One year?  Three?  Ten?  God only knows how long she had been holding on Holding onto what?  Faith?  Inner strength?  Determination?  Or was she already afflicted? Not knowing.  Not understanding.  Not seeing the signs.  Reality has gone Culminating in an altered state so… Continue reading And Then…She Jumped