Secrets of the Flame

Photo by Kartabya Aryal on Unsplash You look at me, I look at you You think I'm ok, but am I? Secrets of the Flame I hold inside The raging torrent I try to hide You think you know me; have known me But do you? Have you? How could you? Secrets of the Flame I've hidden deep… Continue reading Secrets of the Flame

Dreams From a Cup

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash My mind begins to float as I grab my teacup My heart races as I try to get my courage up A breath in. A breath out. In. Out. Relax. A sip. Close the eyes. Sit back. Him. He's back. It's as if he never left. Again the heart races; I take… Continue reading Dreams From a Cup

Under Construction Part II – Recreate

Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash In part I of this saga, I decided that as I am very serious about my writing, I thought I'd reward my efforts and expends some funds to invest in this endeavor, my passion.  I knew it wouldn't be an easy task. CSS?  Excuse me?  HTML?  Is my head spinning!  It's bad… Continue reading Under Construction Part II – Recreate

Author Interview – Olivia Stocum – “Tangled Moon”, The “Moonlighting Series” & The “Worth Fighting For Series” (Historical & Paranormal Romance)

I’m so honored to be mentioned on this site as are many of my favorite author/bloggers. And this interview is so wonderful for those of us wondering “what if I fail?” I love the answer.

toofulltowrite (I've started so I'll finish)

Hey there everyone.

Welcome to another fantastic edition of the ongoing Author Interview series.

Just a quick note before we get started properly. I link to a lot of other articles in my posts, so WordPress users please check your Spam folders in your Setting Menus and approve any links/pingbacks that you find from me to improve the visibility of your own blog posts, as well as mine, it’s a win win for us both 😉

Tonight, we have extra special bonus content, where the author has kindly recorded a couple of in depth videos to expand her answers.

Please let me welcome you all to the realm of author Olivia Stocum, as we find out more about what influences her and inspires her to write her novels.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the show folks 🙂

Hi there Olivia, wonderful to have you over here, so we can find…

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Long ago she thought he was her prince Tall, ingenious, handsome, romantic Adored her to the moon and back Swept her off of her feet; it was love at first sight Friends thought he was "a great guy"; exceptionally polite He made promises galore; he'd always take care of her She'd never want for anything;… Continue reading Him

The Art of a Hug

I'm also a sufferer of anxiety - PTSD - and can relate to these emotions well. I know a lot of people who are "non-huggers," many have Asperger's Disorder and, for them, touching will stimulate them and drive them crazy. I believe that sensitivity to where people are, especially children, is crucial. You destroy their… Continue reading The Art of a Hug

A Bird In Flight

Trancevia Daily Prompt: Trance A bird flies Through the skies Effortlessly.  Drifting. Trusting in the air beneath its wing A flip of a wing.  Or two.  Drifting. Higher.  And higher still. Trusting in air's will. Watching from ground Spray of the ocean all around I see a bird flying. No, hovering, drifting Air is in… Continue reading A Bird In Flight