All Hail The (Computer) Screen

As I walk down the street I bump into Another woman who's focused touching her screen Of her smartphone. It doesn't end with her.  A man is talking aloud as if He's talking to himself only to see he's wearing Earbuds.  I speak to him and realize I'm the idiot!  He's not Speaking to me!  And… Continue reading All Hail The (Computer) Screen

Perfectly Imperfect

The young child cradles her teddy bear with loving arms A cherished, much-loved bundle that had no arms It had one ear chewed away by the dog It had a button eye lost in a washer drain clog Her family mocked this bear; the girl loved his imperfect charms      

The Journey

As I sit on my deck, sipping tea; relaxing My mind is wandering, drifting, going back in time My mind's eye sees the journey I've tread; healing then relapsing Like a drug addict who thinks they can handle "just this one time" But only to discover, they're back in the darkness; collapsing   I don't… Continue reading The Journey

An Acidic Acrostic to A False Friend

Reminiscing the accusatory rantings of the guilty So,  he said I knew nothing about friendship? Truth, honesty, loyalty, devotion, and companionship Understanding, compassion, trust; all must be mutual Vindictiveness, spite, dishonesty, distrust, disloyalty Will kill the heart of a friend like bloody murder corporeal.    

Faded Facade Or…Is It?

Sitting alone at a charming cafe A woman waits expectantly, patiently In comes a man after a long workday Looking haggardly handsome Wanting to be alone, carrying an old tome Inquiring on a private table graciously   The woman watches with wonder As this handsome, charming, desirable man With elongated, elegant, easy strides, this visual… Continue reading Faded Facade Or…Is It?