Bird With A Broken Wing A heartbreaking sight; the winged gift from the gods fall from heaven Injuries from overuse, yes but mostly from Man and it's disgraceful What majesty bears in such amazing feats in the skies; such a blessing To see the wings of a majestic bird in flight; oh, so graceful Glorious.  Beautiful.  Majestic.  Poetry in… Continue reading Bird With A Broken Wing

Beauty in the Eye of the Storm

via Daily Prompt: Crescendo Hurricanes dancing Spinning round to a crescendo Power Danger yet such beauty It is my hope that there is little loss of life to those who are fleeing Hurricane Irma in Florida, now Category 5 status, and set to rival Hurricane Andrew in size, power, and ferocity.  My prayers go out… Continue reading Beauty in the Eye of the Storm


Why am I writing?  Why do the "blog?" Good question.  I was looking around the "Blogging University" site and found some intriguing "lessons"  and thought I'd see what they had to teach.  This was one - Why do I blog to begin with?  Why write?  What's my purpose?  What is my true intention? It's having me really… Continue reading Why?

Change of Seasons

Twice each year in the Northern tier states of the United States bordering Canada, there's one sign I see, far more accurate than any groundhog named Phil, definitely more accurate than any weatherman on the local news, about the state of the seasons. Canadian Geese. Around April, I start to see the skein (they're called this term… Continue reading Change of Seasons

California Dreaming

Being born and raised along, what I believe is, among the most beautiful places on earth, the Western Coast of the United States - more specifically, the coast of the State of California, I became complacent and took this beauty for granted.  Only two seasons - rainy and dry.  Sunny days for much of the… Continue reading California Dreaming

A Bird In Flight

Trancevia Daily Prompt: Trance A bird flies Through the skies Effortlessly.  Drifting. Trusting in the air beneath its wing A flip of a wing.  Or two.  Drifting. Higher.  And higher still. Trusting in air's will. Watching from ground Spray of the ocean all around I see a bird flying. No, hovering, drifting Air is in… Continue reading A Bird In Flight