A New Dawn For A Working Girl

After all of the self-doubt.  After all of the planning.  After all of the resume-writing. After all of the cold-calls. After all of the interviews. After all of the disappointments and heartaches, finally, we're here at last. Employed and on the job.  I made it. This is better than any natural solar eclipse.  I've been in the… Continue reading A New Dawn For A Working Girl

Imaginary Dream

Her mind's eye focused upon the horizon Blissfully unaware of any danger The present, the future; converging in union Into the form of an image of a handsome stranger Cyberspace preys on illusion and trickery Images are just a taste, a tease, a lure And is what makes this a fool's game for sure  … Continue reading Imaginary Dream

Reflections of Self

And now....where did I begin this story?  I started this thing once already. Nope.  Don't like that look.  Let's try another.  Nah, not flashy enough. Wait, you mean I have to PAY for that?  Skip that idea! Aha!  I think I'll try...THIS one!  There we go.  Design all set. As I started this once before, I sure… Continue reading Reflections of Self

A Bird In Flight

Trancevia Daily Prompt: Trance A bird flies Through the skies Effortlessly.  Drifting. Trusting in the air beneath its wing A flip of a wing.  Or two.  Drifting. Higher.  And higher still. Trusting in air's will. Watching from ground Spray of the ocean all around I see a bird flying. No, hovering, drifting Air is in… Continue reading A Bird In Flight


via Daily Prompt: Solitary "You got an offer..." Oh, how overjoyed I was when I heard those words!  I had been waiting for months for this change in my life - to go from a government-dependent non-working blob to someone I could look at in the mirror and say, "I'm doing something and FEEL I… Continue reading Musings

Setting Free The Doves

Deliveryvia Daily Prompt: Delivery As I sat before my computer musing over what to do with this day's prompt of "delivery," I thought of a million things.  Humorous times when I'd jump over the unexpected package that appeared.  Nah, none stood out to write about.  The only thing that came to mind were three special… Continue reading Setting Free The Doves

Stepping My Way Out of The Fog

via Daily Prompt: Foggy Normally, I would have been singing the praises of how I made my choice to get my head out of fog known as addiction upon my sobriety date at the end of June this year.  But I didn't.  Why I don't know.  I'm guessing it's because I'm dealing with more fog… Continue reading Stepping My Way Out of The Fog

Stomping On The Bugs

via Daily Prompt: Pest That's how I get rid of the bugs.  The only good bug is a DEAD one in my mind. But what happens if the bugs are the voices in your mind that say "You can't do this," "You're not doing well enough," or even worse, you compare yourself to others demoralizing… Continue reading Stomping On The Bugs

Introducing…Who IS She?

So, who am I today? The professional changing careers?  THAT....might work. The professional changing careers who has been ill for a number of years?  No, no, no. Won't go over too well with that next prospective future employer. Then there's...the "job coach." Resume's drafted.  Cover letter's ready to go.  SLAM DUNK.  Then she tells me… Continue reading Introducing…Who IS She?