Secrets of the Flame

Photo by Kartabya Aryal on Unsplash

You look at me, I look at you

You think I’m ok, but am I?

Secrets of the Flame I hold inside

The raging torrent I try to hide

You think you know me; have known me

But do you? Have you? How could you?

Secrets of the Flame I’ve hidden deep

The heartache I hide; the tears I weep

Oh, you don’t know me at all

I was so lost, oh so lost, in my soul

I buried my true self in a deep hole

Secrets of the Flame scorched my mind

My mind had long gone blind

You see me now, years have passed

To you there’s nothing to contrast

But the Secrets of the Flame have changed

My truth; arranged, re-arranged

My truth; changed from long ago

I’m not the love I once was to you

The Secrets of the Flame forever perished

The one you call your heart and soul

But is your heart still true?

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