Lost Between the Moon and Hell

“To the Moon and Back” the lovers would say

Then, they’d part; he goes into the shadows

She?  Back into the truth of her day

Reality. What is truth? She gains electronic prose

She goes through her day, he through his

We think; illusions all over

Hours apart distances separate – or so he says

Electronic words appear; life stops, emotions spill over

“To the Moon and Back,” the games begin again

The words end; he vanishes

She must pull away; push the lover from her brain

She fails to see; each promise makes damages

Into hell, the abyss, she goes in deeper

“Hey! Girlfriend!  When we gonna meet Mr. Wonderful?”

“You’d think you’d be getting roses by now, that cheater…”

But the woman is ashamed; clearly uncomfortable

To the Moon and Back;  Questions start to rise,

Her heart starts to ache

Beeps sound and she comes

Like a drooling dog to a tossed juicy steak

He knows she’s hooked; his key to large sums

To the Moon and Back; him? Another workover

“My Queen,” “Sugar Pie,” “Honey,” “Baby?”  I’ll give ya

“Looking for my queen, my soulmate” A workover…

Photos stolen; but would YOU know?  Narry a flaw

To call out in Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat to entice

To the Moon and Back comes the Hell

The hook to this Nigerian 419 Scam

A crisis, ANY crisis – the goods to sell

“My Beautiful Queen, I’ve got trouble, real problem”

Clue?  Like a toddler their English wobbles

To the Moon and Back deeper into Hell she goes

Before long, iTunes cards filled with money sent

Another crisis – “My precious princess, need help…”

“Mother is sick, oh so sick. She need medicine”

Her gut is screaming; off to Western Union, not even a yelp

To the Moon and Back; into the abyss of Hell

Nowhere to go, deep into debt, shame buries her soul

Love?  Long gone for her.  She’s now in a prison cell

Of her own making and wants out; self-respect in a hole

To the Moon and Back; head high, one foot before the other

She asks for help from her girlfriends – and removes the tether

The electronic tether he summoned her

She bursts into tears of despair and pain; mind a blur

To the Moon and Back; any actions taken are hers

And hers alone; no “King” commands the “Queen”

Slowly she begins to rebuild despite her fears

At least she has a chance to become clean

Meanwhile, the monster who entrapped her

Says, “To the Moon and Back” to another

Ensnaring them; another day  in the life

Of a Nigerian 419 Scammer…

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