Fools Among Fools’ Shadows

Desperately trying to stay afloat in the world wide web

Finding more takers than givers; destroyers than builders

Destroying and hiding from devils’ eyes lurking in cobwebs

Only to be ensnared by one; images enough to bewilder


Before long, this decent man drowns in words of love

Truth?  Lies?  Manipulation?  Agenda?  All convincing

Problem is it’s fast, quick like a lightning bolt from above

Love at first glance?  No, they weren’t in the same place existing


Time went on; words of love flowed freely, promises of eternity made

In her world, who knows what was happening, in his?  Life focused on her

He plotted, planned, dreamed of life ahead;  On her side, she hid that extra spade

The trump card that would seal all, lure him in and keep him in and with her


Before long, the trump card was played, that spade, “Give me the money.”

“Yes, my darling,” he replied.  “Anything for you.”  Cash he sent away

Cash was taken but before long, he began to see the future wasn’t so sunny

“Give me more money.  I need it, my darling…”  For her, it became child’s play


More money was spent by him, sent and grabbed; for her?  An easy mark

But still, even now, they were never in the same place, never eye-to-eye

Yet, still, he was convinced of a future.  She?  Convinced she had her mark

Then came the video calls – she never seen; he WAS – yet another lie


Before long the man comes to see the money has vanished

The demands upon him by his “true love” have not; they’ve grown

False deposits, false checks now hit his bank and don’t quite…vanish

They’re caught, trapped by the bank – and the law – the cover blown


Now his beloved changes – no longer adoring she blames him for all

Bewildered he knows he’s done everything, but now abandoned

To answer the questions of the law and of the bank’s call

Never, did he think for a moment, his beloved would leave him stranded


To each his own, the man realizes he’s been fooled by a con

Based in a foreign land, a professional at their craft, has fooled many

His dream of a future shattered, his bank account ruined, he must go on

Hand over all he has or face the law; where is she? Onto her new “honey”


And the cycle starts anew…


Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash




1 thought on “Fools Among Fools’ Shadows”

  1. Wow!True story in the write.I can relate to that.When you’ve done so much for a person,then they live.


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