Wandering lost among the crowd

One finds her, his prize, his one and only

She, lonely yet terrified ran but bowed

To the obvious, the presence of an emotion most holy

Love itself


This was no ordinary online romance

No.  He called, he texted, she did the same

Across the miles they saw one another in this dance

Marriage, relocation, blending families; all fair game

Love was All


Every moment of every day consumed by each other

Adoring words, endearments shared, hearts open wide

He ensured she was well, cared for but not to smother

But fear lurked within this man; past fear of loss due to pride

Yet that fear was vanishing


Before both knew it, in one conversation, life changed forever

Messages – MANY of them – unceasingly came to the woman

And nothing said to her lover; paralyzed with fear; the attacker clever

The lover went away; the attacker stayed, moved upon his prey

With intentions clouded with evil


The next 24 hours began the assault by this vermin of hate

Relentless, unceasing, unyielding, domineering, overpowering

Acting as if he cared but in truth, something was lurking to bate

The woman into checkmate; manipulating, conniving, towering

Her mind twisted like taffy


Now the lover was the enemy, the attacker was the “hero” to save

How could this be in such a short time?  Narcissists can be that way

The attacker promised he’d always be at her side; to be bold and brave

But in truth?  He was the coward, the liar, the thief; the lover pushed away

Discarded, thrown downwind


As the lover pleaded, begged and pleaded more to uncover the problem

The attacker lurked, stalked; waited for the impending death 

He swore he “slept off,” easily a lie; it was not hard to spot him

He set this up this disaster, a tragic clash that strangled the breath

One was entirely blocked


Then for two days – that’s all that was needed – more manipulation

Mind games, phone calls combined with messaging – conflicting words

Arguments made to appear she was the villain, again more manipulation

Time wasted, nothing accomplished, constant reassurance, all like a house of cards

Waiting to fall


In the midst of it all, she thought to have this man cleared of suspicion

A message came – a secret account – she knew it was over

More time wasted, more sleep lost, a phone call combined with texting?

Demands for responses while begging for talking – Oh!  Who IS this joker?

To sleep she went – in the early morning?


Instead of texting him as requested, she decided this had to end

She went digging and fishing through the internet and found…?

He was already online?  This is nothing he could defend

Then comes – TWO accounts on Facebook?  What was this?

More lies…a dual life, and the end of this relationship.


But, she comes back, on bended knee to her lover to explain

In deep sobs, heartbreak and terrible suffering and pain

She told him everything, absolutely everything

All that came back was, “Ok, that’s fine.”

And a request: “Please get out of my life.”


Now SHE was the one discarded, thrown downwind

Manipulated, twisted, turned, vision askew

Her once joyous laughter silenced; her bright smile dimmed

Hope was now gone, her heart ached, she was finished with love

She severed ties, destroyed electronic trails and accounts

She now wasn’t just discarded – she vanished






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