Plight of the Damned

A worried mother, a devoted lover of another

One is in battle; two are set to join the third

The two set to join in:  brothers

But old history makes the lines blurred; facts obscured

The lovers wish to unite in marriage; the soldier knows of the rift

All he can do is watch from afar, listen, pray – and stay alive

The brothers get the call; the condemned mother is unworthy of the gift

The gift of knowledge of where her babies will go; her anger feeds, drives

Until the morning of the departure – an angry phone call ends it all

“You aren’t our mother; leave us alone.  Don’t try to find us”

The mother begs, pleads, trying to find out anything at all

“You did this…long ago and it’s too late to discuss..”

Now, instead of anger, there’s frustration but yet freedom

No more guilt about what part she played

No more worrying about past memories; she doesn’t need ’em

It’s now her life, her future, her heart’s truth with which she stays

The only question now…has she truly forgiven or can she?


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