Failed Villains

I have a secret passion – besides blogging.

Fus Ro DAH…!  If you know what that means, you KNOW what I’m talking about.

Skyrim.  Yes, I am a “gamer.”  I do play the RPG types of video games (role play games for those not into that sort of thing).  But I also play…

Drum roll please…?

MMORPGs – That’s Massively Multi-player Online Role-Player Game.  And the next level up from Skyrim is Elder Scrolls Online.  That’s where Bethesda took its programming expertise.

But for those of us who are heavy into Skyrim, it’s about a mythical type called a “dragonborn” who can perform an ability set called “shouting” which is, essentially the foreign tongue of the dragons from ancient times – in this world, anyway.  You have to think fantasy here.  Why am I posting this?  In the game there are, literally, thousands of characters you run into – many are villains such as bandits.  I just happened to see a video, a medium I don’t normally use, about the five “failed” villains in Skyrim.  For fans of this game, you’ll get a great laugh.  For those who are not, you’ll wonder first, what is this game. Second? Who are these idiots for villains?  The programmers who developed this game, quite frankly, have quite the sense of humor and it will be obvious.  And here it is, the Five Failed Villains of Skyrim:

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