Darkness of A Reflection

via Daily Prompt: Silhouette

The woman, luxuriously dressed, coifed and made up

Beyond stunning, glorious as a sea of buttercups

Regal, stoic, eloquent and intelligent, elegant

Proud, distant, often condescending and arrogant


Yet not so long ago, this boastful, regal, arrogant regal woman

Would scarcely be recognized; a figment of one’s imagination

A nobody; unwanted, discarded like trash, oblivious to all

Most notably to her “Prince Charming,” the one who pledged “all”

christian-holzinger-502231 silhouettte of the queen

Had “Prince Charming” seen her former state, would he have been so forgiving?

Hardly. No one dares to breathe of the dark silhouette existing, lurking, haunting

Just like Dorian Gray’s painted silhouette hides in a closet taking the toll for his sins

The Princess hides hers deep within both her soul, in a locked diary among many things

In a closet, filled with dark memories of days gone by; secrets kept under lock and key

Secrets hued in silhouette that would destroy this family tree

camila-cordeiro-40353 hooker preparing for the night.jpg

A poor young woman, addicted to the mind-bending effects of drugs, sold her body and soul

For the money, yes.  For drugs, even better.  If her clients had the drugs, that was the goal

The money never hers, the drugs were her life but had to share all.  This was her silhouette

The evil, the darkness that lurks within her.  Her addiction that she treated cannot forget

Gaunt, pale, malnourished, heavy makeup, scantily dressed; the look of an addicted hooker

To her clients – those in for sex, drugs and both – she was quite the “looker”


Where did her silhouette find it’s way to its closet like Dorian Gray’s?

She had one too many overdoses; one too many beatings and tried new ways

Of living without the sex, the drugs, the money, the trashy clothing and discovering herself

The dark silhouette slowly faded but never gone; it’s always there and part of herself

In a treatment center, she was focused on service; her “Prince Charming” saw her, his light

Did she notice?  Not really – she was focused on service and others’ plight


But that was not all that long ago; the silhouette is always there, lurking, stalking

The Princess’ high and mighty airs have come to the forefront; the truth she’s hiding

The silhouette is starting to come back; her “Prince Charming” is about to see “all”

The world may see all no matter how hard she tries to hide all from “all”

The risks are too great to hide, to shield, to lie, to conceal the silhouette of the soul

That darkness is always there, a part of her; Dorian Gray hid his at the price of his soul

The Princess may lose her “Prince Charming,” she will lose her health; her life, a black hole


The silhouette becomes death itself






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