Bird With A Broken Wing

A heartbreaking sight; the winged gift from the gods fall from heaven

Injuries from overuse, yes but mostly from Man and it’s disgraceful

What majesty bears in such amazing feats in the skies; such a blessing

To see the wings of a majestic bird in flight; oh, so graceful

Glorious.  Beautiful.  Majestic.  Poetry in Motion.  Ascendant.


To capture one in motion is rare, so rare and shows the wonderous, the amazing

How can such a feat be done?  An animal capture air then with god given gifts

Rise up, hover, then take flight for distances on end;  Man had to possess this gift

Even though not naturally inclined; breathtaking yet bold and brazen

Brothers, trying to emulate this winged creature, ascended to the air

Ironically, that creation of the Brothers was downed by winged creatures; quite an affair

Over a river – The Hudson River


But once a bird, though injured, heals, comes the time to take flight like the first time

Man, not all evil, tries to bring back, the winged creatures to their place in the skies

To ascend to the skies, where God wanted them to be – naturally above Man – to climb

To rise up and show us all their true glory as they hover and take flight in nature’s prize

The glorious skies above the Earth and to show us all what freedom truly is.





Photos by Phil Botha, Alex Iby, Søren Astrup Jørgensen and by Ray Hennessy on UnsplashAscend

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