I’ve been noticing a GREAT many “likes” for my work on THIS blog of late.  Sure, I haven’t been writing much – just building my monstrosity of a new blog.  And, I am grateful for the new followers.

However, there IS a problem…I haven’t figured out what to do with THIS one…yet.  I have a new domain and, for those of you “liking” this blog, you’re going to find out something about the NEW blog:  IT’S IDENTICAL.  Everything that you liked here was transferred over to that one.  My recommendation?  You can keep your likes to BOTH places as…I need help in figuring out what to do with “Dancing in the Rain.”

That’s where YOU come in.  I’m in need of some ideas for this blog.  The main blog will now become Respect Myself (I’m tinkering with the title, I think).  I don’t know if I’m going to make it more of the longer stories about me which was the original intent or to do something else entirely, what I have no idea.  I probably had this question before but now that the main blog is ready to go, for the most part, I’m now more receptive to ideas.  Bring ’em on.  And, for followers of “Dancing in the Rain,” I strongly urge you to look at the new site and you’ll see that the same posts are there.  That’s where I’m adding things.  Now if I can get the links to photo entries to work, I’ll be set….

Thank you all for all of your patience and dedication as I worked on this endeavor.

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