Under Construction Part II – Recreate

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In part I of this saga, I decided that as I am very serious about my writing, I thought I’d reward my efforts and expends some funds to invest in this endeavor, my passion.  I knew it wouldn’t be an easy task.

CSS?  Excuse me?  HTML?  Is my head spinning!  It’s bad enough I’m having trouble getting widgets!  I tried to write my first bit of HTML and it’s saved as text.  

So much for my foray into the world of web design…

computer-frustration woman
A programmer I am NOT…yet.

Now, I have an even bigger problem – OK, several.  First of all, I’ve been on this main blog for a while now and have built a following that I’m very proud of.  I sure don’t want to lose any of you.  Now, can I take you with me?  Can I shift these posts?

If that’s a “no,” I’m going to shoot this out to all of you.  I need ideas here.  I have a list of things I need help with.  Here they are:

  • First, my “reflectmyselfblog” is now my domain.  But what I need?  A title for this new endeavor.  I’d like some input – my creative juices are not, uh, “there.”  I got accustomed to my other one.
  • If I have to live with two blogs side-by-side, what can I do with them?  What would you suggest I do with them?  I was going to push my more creative writing on the new site.  The other site was going to take a different direction; some creative but also some updates.  What are your thoughts?
  • Third, what are some ideas on what I can write about on both blogs, if I must keep both?
  • Finally, what on earth do I do with HTML and CSS on Notepad that wants to save to text?  Should I use the black screen editor for creating code?  And what kinds of things can I do here?  I don’t want it to be too bland but yet I don’t want it destroyed or cluttered here.  I know support is key here but if any of you have ideas here, leave them in the comments section.  I’d sure love to hear them!

Now, what about me?  A mess.

That goes without saying.  I made my weight goal – TADA!  I’m now down 50 pounds. Now, the surgeon talks surgery and what it entails.  Disgusting – and, it’s major surgery; down for at least a week; 3-5 days in the hospital at least.  Soft foods, the works. Oh was I devastated!  So, the man who claims to be my “best friend” and will be around, is consulted.

It got real ugly, real fast.  One nasty email later and words that never should have been spoken, I now have a 30-year friendship that’s in deep trouble.  I’ve been pushed beyond what I can handle and then, my emotions went sideways.  Sure, he’s married in a lousy marriage, but….no one is truly working “program” here.  And oh was I “shamed” and “invalidated” for my stress.  It was all about how I made HIM feel, all was true.  Then comes the “I’m going to pull things back and I’m going to be your sponsor in AA.”

Excuse me?  Not done; a man and woman don’t do that. The infamous “13th step” is at risk.  And with emotions expressed as they have been, no way.  After sleeping overnight, I woke up, headed into the shower, sobbed, then went off and went to replace clothing I needed to do – but found no pleasure in doing so.  And I’m noticing I’m spending money today.  It’s to fill a void and I need to be careful.  But the best move I did?

I called out for help from a female AA member who told me what I needed to hear and validated me and my emotions.  Anger is lurking and is deep.  Too much change in too little time – and I need space.  It’s like this blog I’m trying to build; I can’t figure this out on my own and need help.  I need to recreate myself and focus on myself and what I want to do and be my true self.

And 1-2 years of no romance as if I was first sober.  I’m more than happy to get rid of THAT!

Aid is in flux, insurance is changing, counseling may be shifting, my employment is becoming stable, and I can’t handle anymore.  No more. I destroyed my portable Instagram account because I now have a male fanbase who isn’t following my blog, if you catch my meaning.  Oh, am I tired of that!  I’m sick and tired of that, in fact.

I just want peace.  I want love, trust, and understanding.  And I know it will begin once I gain it within myself first; when my life settles down a bit and I do the work that needs to be done.

Yet, my heart is broken.  Thirty years…

I can’t think about that now.  It’s like my kids.  I must move on and work on myself.  Time will tell what happens in the future – he may or may not be a part of that.  I must focus on my future as I’m now coming off of aid and adjusting to being part of life again.  I must become re-connected to life again.  He’s got his issues; I’ve got mine.  The boundaries are now up and must stay up.

Now, back to this new blog.  I would love some help from you – my true support.  


12 thoughts on “Under Construction Part II – Recreate”

  1. about the title. I believe you are a deep person, whose got so much to tell the world. You need a new beginning to your writing passion. You could use something like “phoenix”. some phrase like Rising like a phoenix.. it’s a supernatural creature which rises from its ashes after death. 🙂

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  2. Also, you may begin a story on one blog and leave the suspense of it on the other. (helps you redirect people to a new blog, to read the end of your story). or you can choose to just put the excerpt of some posts on this blog, while the rest of the story on the second. All the best 🙂

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  3. I don’t know if this helps, and as an imitation engineer I have no friendship advice qualifications 😀 (or heart 😸 ), but with your new website, is it a wordpress.com website, a wordpress.org website, or something completely independent of wordpress? If within wordpress (ie you’re paying them) they can help you transfer/duplicate everything initially if you wish. They’ve helped me do that. I have stuck with wordpress.com (more dependent on wordpress, no html if you don’t want, less to do myself) because I like the reader, it helps people find my stuff.

    I hope *everything* goes well.

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      1. Great, I think that’s the best way to go, a step at a time (sound familiar?). You get help either via email or on-line, but I think you’ll have to do it yourself with instructions. They are very helpful with everything, possibly more so when you’re a paying customer. 🙂 You export all your site information and then import it to the new site.

        I do the export quite often to save my stuff because, you know, apocalypse (don’t laugh, consider the supreme Jong-Il pizza). In brief, the steps are: My Site -> click WP Admin on left -> move mouse over Tools on left -> click Export in drop down menu -> click Download Export File. Almost the same to import the file into your new site.

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