An Unforgotten Heartbreak

via Daily Prompt: Sympathy

It seems so long ago yet it feels like yesterday

An event from a B-grade horror movie but yet was reality

Two tall towers, famous for their height came crashing to earth

Indestructible, we thought.  Mighty as we believed.  Untouchable.

Were we thinking that of the towers?  Or arrogantly thinking that of our nation?

September 11, 2001 – a date etched in our memories as Americans

But the world came together on that date; it wasn’t just us

The world thought of us as a fortress, mighty, safe, protected

That image, shattered; like the glass towers of the World Trade Center

How could this have happened?  Why did this happen?  To us?

The land of the free and the home of the brave, oh America the beautiful

It’s purple’s mountains majesties, above the fruited plains

But buried within this beauty lay sinister intent; black as night, cold as the harsh winter

Of the Northern States of the Lakes Huron, Ontario, Erie, Michigan, and Superior

Nineteen in all plotted against the Land of the Brave on orders from one who despised us

The fool who was left behind was caught asking about “crashing planes,” oh so obvious

That’s when America the Beautiful began to realize that it, too, was no longer immune

It, too, was infused with the disease of terrorism. But in reality, it had been attacked long before

La Bianca/Tate through Charles Manson, SLA through Patty Hearst,

Oklahoma City through Timothy McVeigh to name a few

But for many, those didn’t count; those were “of America.” Our arrogance saw terror

As IRA or “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland, bombings in Italy and France, the wars

In Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia/Herzegovina and bombings related to those causes

Not here.  Not in the USA, where it’s “God Bless the USA,”  and Norman Rockwell’s Homecoming

But now, we’re no longer immune, not protected.  Our government failed us all

A new way forward had to be found; a new way of thinking had to be considered

But in the meantime, for those lost, we had to cry, to mourn, to express sympathy for them all

Their loved ones; our loved ones.  They were innocent victims of a war that had not been declared

A war on terror had begun but not by us, by those who despised us.  Yet, at the same time

From their perspective, it’s easy to see why – propaganda abound tells them we are Satan

Here we are, many years later, still grieving, still mourning, still expressing sympathy

Our monuments have been erected, glorious and haunting they are; we don’t forget

This day – Patriots’ Day – we read the names of the fallen at each site, lest we do forget

And sympathy is still paid to the families; children of the fallen have grown but remember

Yet now, in our land of the free and home of the brave, our brave bald eagle, watches 

Evermore cautiously for a different prey to protect its most precious child – our nation.


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