Hearing Echoes

via Daily Prompt: Overcome

All her life she felt like The Child Left Behind with her shiny and pressed school dress

Everyone she knew from family to friends thought her sweet, loving, never apt to unkindness

But what most did not realize was that she was bound, shackled to this image

An image that brings to mind The Police’s “So Lonely” constantly showing in her visage 

She made it her mission, her goal, her life’s work of Tossing the Chains that bound her

Throughout her life, she’d look at herself in The Mirror and ask “Why?”


All her life as she grew, she felt she knew little, saw little, felt little for her true purpose

A purpose that was as elusive as the solutions to the roller coasters she rode daily

Labels defined who she was:  four-eyes, fat, intelligent, “just like her mother,” a ghastly burden

And as the roller coaster of emotions went on and on, she was Locked in the Darkness and called “crazy”

But it was disguised as the reverence for a god she failed to understand – distant memories now hazy


All her life as she grew older still, while still stumbling around Locked in the Darkness

She never knew that all around her there were those who saw past the labels and false images

The first was the god she failed to understand; she, an unworthy servant; the god? Heartless

Another was the one who called her “priceless” that she thought meant “Worthless”

But looking at the reflections of self, all she saw was darkness, shame and the labels of the past


All her life, she had a voice but that voice was constantly silenced by many

A narcissistic martyrizing mother with OCD and bulimia; another, the narcissistic man she married

Him…the one with whom she signed a contract with in marriage to forever remain silent

Her body, mind, heart, soul and even her voice all were stashed away and buried 

Instead of being proudly self-reliant; she changed into a sobbing, dependent, ball of flesh totally silent to this tyrant

She had long forgotten she bore light a-plenty


All her life she gave of her entire being:  her heart, her mind, her body and her soul

Somehow she was broken but never defeated; she knew that strength came from never giving up

That god named “Heartless” began to show his true self and showed her the true goal

The journey from the hell of darkness had started; “Heartless” showed to her an  invisible sun


All her life during that Journey from the darkness; her emotions rolled constantly

“Heartless” became known as “Higher Power,” her invisible sun to overcome the darkness

The pain of the darkness numbed with alcohol, food, relationships, all of which abundantly

Then the alcohol was taken away, then her Higher Power guided her through her catharsis


All her life, the emotions, and the mind were constant demons that had to be overcome

Her Higher Power guided her in her Journey through the darkness to her invisible sun

The school of healing in the form of pharmaceuticals and therapeutic solutions

Only then said her Higher Power, could he guide her further to the true sun


Finally, The Child Left Behind is no longer left behind; her voice has been found

No longer bound to a contract of indentured servitude to him; she’s free to be

The woman her Higher Power wants her to be; one who has and is sunlight

She now looks in the mirror; no longer darkness and shame; she sees she’s free

She has light to give to one and all; her moods are now as steady as the sea

Waves ebbing and flowing on the shore; her voice is proud, strong…and pure light



The links are to poems by arrianasloveinc “An Unworthy Servant” that I dearly loved and to “Broken But Never Defeated” by Tachira Wiltshire on her site Tachispeaks.  Thank you, both for your words that inspired this piece.



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