Finite Promises

via Daily Prompt: Finite

Shattered glass mimics the breaking of the human heart

Promises made forever and ever to be the best of friends and lovers

Broken in an instant like the hammer shattering the glass apart

Mary Poppins said, “Easily made, easily broken” in that cheery way of hers


Known each other since the two were children and grew alongside one another

That glass rattled the very first time he met her as he loved her at first sight

Life took them on their separate paths. Both were away from each other

Both married, had kids, divorced as one remarried; realized he was an imbecile


Life brought them together again; one was still divorced but afraid to commit

The other, a fool wedged in a trap of his own design and making excuses

The trap? Money. A rich, wealthy man who now had anything anyone could want

He’s living a lie as is his wife, The Queen. He was a hard-living man who used and boozed

The man was escaping through any and all means – his favorite place to hide? “Montana”


The woman had her own means of escape – food and writing. Both were finite solutions

Her body gave out, a huge crack in the glass; The man, his head trips were his Polyanna

But the man worked his twelve step solutions; his wife followed him up the ladder

And the “other” woman? Focused on herself to keep from growing sadder


The man called the “other” woman “his best friend” yet treats her like trash

Now the wife, The Queen, is suspicious; her throne is under siege

When needed, “his best friend” is tossed in among all of his secrets he keeps stashed

Of lies, of more half truths, more twisted stories, none can be breached


When needed – and the man feels it’s safe – he reveals his “other woman” from his stash

Like a stolen toy from a store he wants to no one to know that he hoards

But the fool can’t hide his secrets from The Queen; the marriage is now a House of Cards

And in a moment of intimacy, he lets down his guard; revealing the name of the woman whom he’s treated like trash


More cracks in the glass and there’s only a finite amount of damage this relationship can bear

But the true one who can only handle a finite amount of pain and anguish?  The hidden one

Weekends at night are when she hears from this man; the week?  She’s the load he can’t bear

Tossed aside again – some “best friend!”  And she’s expected to take this game of hit-and-run?


The other woman, a beautiful, intelligent, loving person who deserves more has made her choice

The glass is now completely shattered; she is no longer patient – her tolerance is finite.

Just like in chess,  The Queen rules the board; silently removes a threat; without a voice

The man has made his choice…pure cowardice and money.  He is no honorable knight.


No more being hidden, stashed away like a hoarded, stolen doll.  She wants to be in the light.

She is finished; no more games; no more lies of “best friend” when all she is?  Trash

Life is not infinite; it’s finite.  She deserves joy, happiness, and one who will take delight

In the love that she has to give.   And now, with that hammer, the glass must be smashed


1 thought on “Finite Promises”

  1. A wonderful story about finite promises. I must confess, it all seems very complicated in history. When reading, I had always twists in new directions. But, in any case, the narrator’s point of view is not neutral in his story. This is especially difficult with emotional stories. I think patience is finally, because life is finally aswell. Great love is mightier, more powerful than money, more powerful than misunderstanding, more powerful than misconduct, more powerful than shyness and fear. It will win, if it is present on both sides. But, of course, something must be done. God will bring the right ones together and point the way, but they must go the way themselves.

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