You Feel Like You Just Wanna Give Up

“Good morning ABC Company how can I help you?”

And there the day begins on this final day of the month

What’s so special about this day above all other days you ask?

It’s special for one reason above all – it’s called “END OF MONTH”

Trust me, mes amis, in sales and distribution, this is no small task


Phones ringing off the hook – ring, ring – invoices by the hundreds to fold to mail

Invoices that will come in four separate batches before the day is through

No detail too small, no invoice and even no message can be missed this day without fail

It all falls to me, the receptionist – the gatekeeper – to keep everything moving


I’m so sorry, the CEO is out today, would you like her voicemail?”

“When will she be in next?”

“She goes in and out all day long and when she’s in, she’s usually in a meeting with a manager…”


Ah, yes, my duties as gatekeeper involve a great deal of creativity and embellishment

Most who ask for the CEO?   “Used car salesman” mindset – not very intelligent

But then comes those goddamned packing slips from the warehouse 

All so people can keep track of things shipped we log in the computer tracking system

Why?  Why?   We’re not a packing slip storage house!  

I say ‘We have a system we should use it!’ It’s the COMPUTER tracking system


“Hey can I speak with John in shipping?  Wait, is this Sarah?”

“No, she is no longer with the company.”

“Awwww!  That’s such a shame!  I call about once or twice a month.  You and I are going to be very well acquainted.”

“Really?  We’ll see about that… what do you need?”

(I’m thinking, “Right, you ass!  I know what you’re thinking:  second guessing based on sex and the girl before me fell for it hook, line and sinker.  I’m no idiot.  You’re going to get smacked!”)

Now you get the REAL winners – the blood-sucking scum of the sales fleets

The ones who try to manipulate, stall, manipulate, flatter and do whatever it takes

All to get “in”….or to get something “out” – such as company information

That’s right; that’s also part of my job – to route these idiots to their correct destination

But this “winner” would NOT let up and the phone calls stacked high into Oblivion

Remember two words:  “MONTH END?”  This idiot sure didn’t; acted like a lurking murderer with a cleaver

This is when orders are flying in; the phones must be clear and I am the gatekeeper

So I dismiss this idiot and handle the calls stacked to Oblivion

Now, I’m  wondering:  will I even live to see the end of my day?  And it’s not due to a stalker with a cleaver


More phone calls, salesmen come and go – I’m new so I’m still botching names right and left

Paul?  Where is that guy on the main switchboard?   Dave in Customer Service?  He’s on the second console two down on the left

Two brothers, Jim and John, both in sales, one uses the back door; is never seen.  I call the one who DOES use the front door by the “invisible” one’s name…

The CEO calls in and I address her by her last name first – it’s how it’s listed – for shame

And here come more invoices and through the mail machine they go – CRUNCH!

AWW shit!  Need a dozen more reprinted, new envelopes….good thing the postage never punched

Ring- ring-ring-ring goes the phone constantly giving me a buzz to the brain

More packing slips to be filed, more calls to be fielded, emails, reports, invoices all can make you go insane

The load on this last day of the month makes you think you just wanna give up

But that attitude’s for wimps!  I’m tough!  I’m among the ones who have their heads up

Wearing our protection pads for battle as this is when it all counts

This is when the orders come in fast and hot, the sales hotter and where it counts

The “front end”; the point of entry.  This is no place for quitters, whiners or those asking for recounts

If you think you just wanna give up, you’re in the wrong place

Then, at 5 pm, the phone stops ringing; month-end is over, a huge sigh of relief hits; and all we want is OUT OF THIS PLACE!  



This was a challenge poem to take the third line of a song I had just heard, make that line my title and write for 15-20 minutes timed.  It’s a unique form a “prompt.”  And if you’re wondering what the song was, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get away with it.

It was Til’ I Collapse by Eminem.

“‘Cause sometimes you just feel tired; feel weak

And when you feel weak

You feel like you just wanna give up…”

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