Life of a Single Mother

Rushing, rushing, constantly in a hurry

The father has long gone; the mother with children scurries

“Time to go!” The mother cries. “It’s time for school!”

But deep inside, her heart aches; the mother worries


The mother is no longer a mother; she’s an employee

Sitting behind a desk attempting to focus on her work

But she can’t; not entirely.  Her mind is too noisy

It’s racing, filled with thoughts of work, school and housework


The phone rings, the woman jumps to answer

It’s the school.  The feeling of panic creeps up her spine

One of the kids was injured; heading to the hospital – and so is she


At the hospital, the woman is back to being “worried mother” again

Where is the father?  No one can find him; reach him.  What?  Voicemail?!?

The child bumped the head and is fine.  But the “Worried mother” is solo – as always…again.

3 thoughts on “Life of a Single Mother”

  1. The worries of a mother, yet no one does it best (in my opinion). Thanks for the share and for the needed inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

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