Long ago she thought he was her prince

Tall, ingenious, handsome, romantic

Adored her to the moon and back

Swept her off of her feet; it was love at first sight

Friends thought he was “a great guy”; exceptionally polite

He made promises galore; he’d always take care of her

She’d never want for anything; he had the career so bright

And made quite the income to support the pair

While she would stay at home; care for the babies she’d bear


And bear babies she did – three to be exact

A girl and two sons.  But was he proud?  Not really…at first

The once-career woman realized she was now in a social contract

One where she was the indentured slave to the husband

She laundered, cooked, cleaned, and for the babes, she changed and nursed

Then came “those” duties; she was expected to come when summoned

And she did her “duties” all to the letter, quenching his lust at her own expense


But as time went on, this very strong-willed, opinionated woman changed

She went from being an extroverted, confident woman, who was popular

To a meek, silent woman who was now considered “an embarrassment”

The husband didn’t want her to outclass, to outshine, to lead; he was in control

Who said he was to be in control?  He did.  Why?  

He was the man who earned the income; She did nothing, said nothing

So, she stays behind him.  Screw this “equal partner” shit.

She said nothing; did nothing; criticized nothing; argued nothing.

He’d ask for opinions to look honorable, but his ideas were the big hit

She stays silent, does nothing, criticizes nothing, but in secret, she cries.


The years roll on, the put-downs from him, though subtle, grow

Nasty, bitter, tasting like a melted aspirin you can’t swallow

But you have to choke down to ease the pain but it creates even more

She tries to fight back but she can’t. That bitterness has made her throat sore

Even worse, he always has an argument that stays at least ten steps ahead

And it renders her back into her place of pure silence, where he wants her to be

Always wants her to be, in “her place” doing “her duties” according to their agreement

But now, for her, being his wife, his indentured servant, fills her with pure dread.


Now, it’s all her fault, it’s never…Him

He’s perfect; she is dirty, filthy, stupid, idiotic and a blight to be seen in public

She’s now become an embarrassment to him; refuses to acknowledge her in public

She, the indentured servant, the wife, who gave up her entire life

Her entire heart, her mind, her body, her soul and her very being, even her sanity

Now, has nothing left to give because this asshole refuses to honor her

She’s the one to blame for everything.  If so, just set her free!

But he won’t.  Why?  It’s just Him.  

She’s his plaything; the one he must control.  He can’t get it any better than that.

It will be up to her to make the move; question is, will she?




1 thought on “Him”

  1. This story is so poignantly deep and authentic that I do not find words quickly and easily. I have to let this story work. Heavy, deep and compassionate with a dependent suffering soul. May God fill her with love-filling so that she can fight the evil. May God give her the power to endure this!

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