The City

As I return to the city, I see the lights of the skyscrapers above

Who is inside?  What are they thinking?  What are they doing?  

It makes me all the more curious as I step off of the bus and see the doves

I see another tall building.  And another.  And yet another.  I’m feeling very small

As small as a tiny ant in a large garden surrounded by giant flowers, plants and all

Will I even make it through my stay here in this place of giant towers of glass?

What makes people think that being in buildings such as these are superior to brick?

Are status, wealth, appearances, icons, statues, even location things to impress?

A red concentric circle with a red dot. What kind of icon is that?

downtown minneapolisA horse and carriage on display?  What point does that emblem make?

More traffic, more noise, more people in a smaller space make me, an ant

More stifled, more crowded and more claustrophobic – never mind at risk for being squished

Hundreds upon hundreds of feet, some with high heels, some with low, some with none

Then the loud, pounding noises of the construction workers – they’re destroying more land

For more buildings with glass and more room for the buses to go through to bring more people

And with each building with glass that’s built, that’s less of the beautiful blue sky we see

Instead, there are people canvassing in these walkways above the streets between buildings

Some remain on the streets but the skies?  Can hardly be seen at all as the buildings are so tall

Does my presence even matter?  I’m just – an ant.  I’m a nameless, faceless body that wanders

Through the streets of this large city, between the tall buildings that reach the skies above

All that have glass, all who have people who I wonder what they do

While all I feel is like an ant being squished in an ant farm.

1 thought on “The City”

  1. I like your description of the city very much and it coincides with my own memories when I was in big cities, feeling like in an anthill. In the Hotel (probably on the 112th floor) I could not go close to the window, because I got dizzy and still all doors and windows were locked, I have the feeling a voices of millions of voices heard.
    The more world you integrate into your life, the more anonymous will you, is this one of the messages?
    On one hand it is nice and also important to participate in the big part, on the other hand it is more comfortable to stay in the small. I love your picturesque comparisons to nature: the ant, pigeons, horse flowers and plants, call for longing to nature. And the glass building is also very interesting. What do the people in the buildings want to show, what do the outside want to see …. here there is much to consider. Thank you for sharing!

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