Mind Over Matter – A “found” poem

I did not see this one coming…honest.

I was focused.  My commitment was there.  I was writing every morsel down.

Then, it hits.  Emotion Mind starts speaking to my Reason Mind.

War has begun – the cravings have started.

The mindfulness tug-of-war has taken flight.   Wise Mind has vanished.

To regain my balance, I must know what my it is my body is craving

[Emotion mind]

Truly what you need is that hamburger dripping with onions, cheese, and stacked patties…and?

That ice cold mug, the cold refreshing taste of root beer….

Hey, but where’s the ice cream?

[Wise Mind]

Wait, I must get refocused here.  I am thirsty; that’s the true craving.  Water….

[Emotion Mind]

No, the root beer.  You also need to add the creamy, tasty flavor of…ice cream…

[Reason Mind]

I’m mindful that this is going to cause me to keel over into the worst gall bladder pain in the history of gall bladders.  Wait a minute, We don’t have one anymore!  But, we will have just as bad a problem….later.  Catch my meaning?

Must I….?

I think I’m going crazy, absolutely insane!

It’s like my Journey from the Darkness took another twist; back in.  

All of that mess of a cheeseburger, dripping with fat, just brings to mind images of pure salt

Oh!  How that makes me shudder!  What a waste of energy, time and…taste buds!

Then there’s this saying, thank you, Maya Angelou

“What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing is change it.”

So, change it?  I say, refocus my purpose.  Why am I doing this in the first place?

I’m definitely not California Dreaming here.  What was my point in doing this?

Surgery only?  Or was it my health?  And, do I like what I see, the benefits?

And there’s my Wise Mind coming back to me.  No more tug-of-war, no more Jeckyll, and Hyde

Now my Wise Mind is back in control.  No more root beer floats.  Toss those greasy cheeseburgers that will make me sick.

And move forward with purpose and my head held high and with pride….

But a sip of a root beer float won’t hurt….will it?



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