Why am I writing?  Why do the “blog?”

Good question.  I was looking around the “Blogging University” site and found some intriguing “lessons”  and thought I’d see what they had to teach.  This was one – Why do I blog to begin with?  Why write?  What’s my purpose?  What is my true intention?

It’s having me really focus on what my purpose is.  I’m having a few things to think about here and perhaps….I can get some feedback.  That would be helpful.  I have more than a few dilemmas.  First of all, everything is posting to my main Facebook feed.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  But that’s all that’s posting there lately.  I’ve been blogging so much of late Facebook is not a priority to me.  I’ve been thinking of setting up a separate Facebook page just for these posts.  Any thoughts there?  What can I do with that?  I’m not sure where and to what level to take that or how to monitor it.  It sounds like a lot of work.  But if all I’m doing on my main account is linking my writing, I’m thinking my writing should be housed elsewhere and family related things should be separated.

Now, the purpose of this blog….I was trying to write about my life.  But I’ve been taking some courses in different genres of writing.  Poetry has been the focus of late and I’ve been getting spanked over it.  The “found” poem – I didn’t think it was “lost” – is really giving me fits.  God, what a mess!  To cut and paste from other places?  I don’t get it. I could use some help there.  The explanations are not “clicking.”  Anyway, I’ve been doing things such as the “word of the day” postings plus things from me and my life that I’ve encountered – and tossing in the different styles as well as just free-writing.  It’s growing all the time and morphing as I go; changing as I do.  In other words, it’s about me and what I think, what I feel and what I find out in the world and express it in different ways and in the process, discover new things about myself.  My self-esteem, my self-image as I return to the workforce and grow that way is one avenue.  Then there’s the relationship angle – I’m running into that a great deal of late.  I love music and nature; another area. I’m a sober woman who is working and running into those who are not; my spirituality is being called into question on that level.  That’s where I am and what the blog is.  You can see all of the tags I’ve placed upon it with this post.  That’s what it’s become.  How it appears and how I can re-create it is something I could also use assistance with; how to “brand it.”

Any other reasons to write?  Because I feel the earth move when I do and when I don’t write, I feel like something’s missing.  It’s like the feeling I have when I forget to put on my glasses in the morning.  You know something feels “off” and you can’t do without it and can’t do through the day without that very thing that is so important for you to function.  That’s what writing and blogging are to me.

So, I ask you the same question:  Why do you write/create on a blog?  Give it a few thoughts and see what you come up with.

3 thoughts on “Why?”

  1. It seems the work you are doing is placing you in perfect harmony to find clarity in your purpose. I think once you ‘feel’ your writing stage is set that all of the other props and stage directions will fall into place. This creative flurry you are in sounds exciting. I’ve seen folks on here who offer reviews of blogs, content and layout (i.e. https://cristianmihai.net/2017/08/28/the-journey-2/). I hope you soon get answers to all the questions you seek. 🙂

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