The Queen

via Daily Prompt: Homage

A man looks in the mirror; gazes upon the lines etched in his face

He reflects upon his life thus far; wonders how he came to this place

This place of pure torment, a nightmare of pain and anguish

It is a nightmare he wishes he could, at this moment, simply banish

It starts when he’s young, pushing a broom in a warehouse

Married young; hopes for the American dream; every man’s wish

The dream of supporting it all; wife, children, and a house

And he the breadwinner, the knight in shining armor, the hero

As time goes on, his star rises at work; at home, the marriage, demolished

To his young children, however, he stays their true hero

His star rises still, within his company; no college degree needed

Talent is obvious in this man; his popularity, charisma, and charm is real

Over time, he becomes a leader of people, a manager, his company succeeded

All because of his genius, his talent, his ideas and his guidance, and his zeal

He was rewarded handsomely, his support at work rose and promotions were coming

His income was rising, too, all to support his children who came first

But it became clear to those around him, he was talented and deserved more

Meanwhile, someone came into his life; a woman he never expected

The children, growing, made their opinions known: “Show her the door!”

After a while, however, he made it clear where his heart rested

Over time, the children grow, along with their resentment 

Of this woman whom they never honored as “mother”

One child, a daughter, granted a grandson; he gained contentment

The woman, however, it was not enough, her husband would soon discover

Meanwhile, his work was still gaining accolades, awards and…more money

Now, in upper management, the man found his niche, his place in the sun

While his wife, too, found her niche, her place; to be the thorn in the side

Of the man she married.  More money to her, less love to him, destroying his pride

More furs, more cash, more toys, more jewels, clothes, and trips all for her fun

But for him?  The work piled on along with the honors but there was no love

Not from her, his partner in life; the one the children wanted to shun

The man’s heart and soul were now beyond destroyed; his honor vanished

His wife is now refusing him intimacy.  For her, status, wealth are her bedfellows

Now, all the man can do is suffer in silence; work smarter, harder and in sadness

He wants, no craves, love, intimacy.  He wants relief from his sorrow.

He is terrified of what awaits him.  He is now upper management; the money is insane

The wife is more demanding, more insistent and he can’t take any more

As he looks in the mirror, lines etched on his face, only one thought on his brain

“I’m done.  I’m finished,” he says, looking at the bags packed by the door.

And with that, bags in hand, note on the bed, official envelope alongside

He had an attorney file for divorce earlier, delivering the package inside

The man, beyond disgusted, beyond bereft, beyond bitter, surrendered

Left this life behind.  The house, one car, everything inside, all to be rendered

To the one who won this war; the one to whom he could not pay homage – The Queen.


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