Locked In The Darkness

via Daily Prompt: Inhabit

All I see is black, darkness all around me

I can’t even see my hands or any part of me

It’s so dark I can’t even determine truth from fallacy

Oh how I wish this was not true; that this was pure fantasy


The darkness I inhabit is real and cannot be denied

I’m trapped and can’t break free.  I’m a bird with a broken wing

I may live in the open yet my mind is hidden; fearful of being Jekyll and Hyde

My heart is also hiding along with my soul.  To the darkness, they cling


The darkness is the house they inhabit; formless, shapeless

Impossible to leave once you enter; it’s a cage of pain and torment

But you’re fooled into thinking you’re safe and sound in this space

Of pure darkness; where no one can find me;  love can’t make a dent


Oh please help me escape out of this prison of darkness

I don’t want to inhabit this hell; I don’t want to be alone

I’m begging you to please, please don’t be cruel or heartless

My mind, my heart and my soul are desperate for a new home

The light of love, relief and healing…


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