All Hail The (Computer) Screen

As I walk down the street I bump into

Another woman who’s focused touching her screen Of her smartphone.

It doesn’t end with her.  A man is talking aloud as if

He’s talking to himself only to see he’s wearing

Earbuds.  I speak to him and realize I’m the idiot!  He’s not

Speaking to me!  And it doesn’t stop there.  Just wait

Until I get to work.  I come to my desk, sit down and

Here comes my computer screen with the login

Once I type my credentials in I’m good to go.  Jiggidy-jog, jiggidy-Jog

Home again, home again, and three more computer screens I see

The TV, my smartphone, and Voila!  My laptop that I use

My blog postings, like this one, surf on Facebook



And play video games.  Oh

My precious computer screens, how I cannot live

Without you for without you, I’d be painfully and woefully



Afraid  I might

Fearful that I must

Talk to someone

And return to reality….


This is a lesson in Poetry 101 series from Blogging University.  Enjambment Style of poetry.

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