Honestly, I don’t know how I got started in my love of writing.  The written word, I could listen to.  But for me?  Writing it made me feel alive, free as if I was running through the open fields of my family’s farmland outside of Santa Margarita, California.  Ranchland would run for as far as the eye could see along with creeks and brooks.  Ranches would spot the landscape and my cousins and I would manage to manipulate past the barbed wire to get into the next areas of open spaces to run wild and free.

Kids running through the fields
The freedom of childhood is the joy of writing to me

That’s what writing is for me – freedom, pure freedom.  Just like those days in the ranch lands outside of Santa Margarita, California.   Pure bliss and it was so easy, simple, effortless; just like writing is to me.  What brings it all to life in another medium I adore so much?  Music.  I love to listen to music as I write.  Love it!  Sometimes, when the theme is bitter and angry, I’ll toss on bitter, angry rap music with the lyrics screaming and yelling angry diatribes – often unprintable – of how life and society have done the protagonist wrong.   Then there are the times when I get lost in other pieces and for me, the more base, the more driving the beat, the better. I must feel the pulse of the song’s tempo, rhythm and beat alive through my veins, bones and throughout my entire body. And other times when I need to focus on writing more, such as now, I’ll toss on one of my personal favorites,  Prelude and Fugue in C by Johann Sebastian Bach, from the Goldberg compilations.  It just makes me want to play the piano!

Another musical piece that inspires me is, ironically, one that comes from one of the most influential albums of my life, Saturday Night Fever, the story of another who had powerful dreams of his own – dancing.  You can probably guess what that title is:  Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees.  I was only about 9 or 10 years old when this album was released and was taking dance lessons.  I HAD to have this album. HAD TO!  And it wasn’t just to practice my dance moves for an upcoming performance either!  The harmonies from the Brothers Gibb were so unbelievable and hypnotic I just had to hear more.  It began a love affair with this group that continues to today, despite the fact that the twin brothers, Robin and Maurice, are now deceased.  I had every album this group made at one point and each one was a work of pure art.  But it was this one song from this one album that started it all.  What it said to me was this:  ANY dream, no matter how outlandish it sounds to others, with hard work and perseverance, can be made into reality.

John travolta disco dancing
And he danced all the way out of New York City with THOSE moves….

Then comes another one to show how eclectic my tastes in music run as well as to continue my theme of dreams.  This one from Coldplay,  A Headful of Dreams it talks about how when it appears that your mind’s eye is shattered, there are dreams still lurking inside your mind and they may have just exploded into something even greater than before.

And it’s my dream to be come some form of a writer though I have no idea of what that dream looks like.  So how to get there?  Practice.  Practice makes perfect and I must practice daily – a post a day at a minimum on both of my blogs that I write for, my main one as well as BayArt.  I guess that means my Facebook page must be fixed; all it has are my writing links right now (any suggestions as to what to do there would be MUCH appreciated!).  That is my agreement to myself, to my dream and to all of you.  A post a day to both of my blogs…and I will keep up in reading the blogs of my new fans.  That is also a promise.  I must.  It’s another way I’ll become a much better writer.  After all, it’s what we’re all striving to become together:  better writers and artists who can change the world with the written word, the photograph, the sketch and paintbrush.

I am with you on this journey to achieve My Dream.  I hope you’ll help me and I will help all of you.

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  1. Your will and your discipline are exemplary. I really enjoyed reading your article and since there are many parallels to me it was also personally very interesting, thank you for this post!

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