Faded Facade Or…Is It?

Sitting alone at a charming cafe

A woman waits expectantly, patiently

In comes a man after a long workday

Looking haggardly handsome

Wanting to be alone, carrying an old tome

Inquiring on a private table graciously


The woman watches with wonder

As this handsome, charming, desirable man

With elongated, elegant, easy strides, this visual stunner

With grace, elegance and few cares except his plan

Solitude from the cares of life.    Sits.


Rested.  Relaxed.  Rejuvenated. Reinvigorated with life.

As he has a drink of a soda spritz with lime and his old tome open

But the woman, enraptured, ensnared, enthralled, engrossed, enamored

Can’t take her eyes off of this man, this stranger who is now scoped in

A man who she barely knew five minutes before


She notices his dark hair, stylish yet unkempt

As if he ran his hand through it constantly under stress

His eyes; deep, dark brown and soulful, with long eyelashes

The type of eyes that were enough to send a woman’s heart a-flutter

And her knees melt like butter

As he reads, she notices his face needed to be shaved; no blade slashes

But for her, that added to his intrigue, his mystery

She saw the square jaw, the longer nose and the glance of his eyes

The picture was comprehensive, complete and created great misery


Women would be onto this handsome hunk in a heartbeat;

This man with the soulful eyes and her attraction was no longer discreet.

She never noticed her meal brought before her, she was so enraptured!

Her heart, her mind, her soul captured

By a man, she never spoke one word, glanced one glance, even breathed upon…

Was this love?  Lust?  Luck?  A random act of chance?


As she began to eat her cooling meal, fate had a different path

The crowd began to swell inside the cafe as patrons with dates proceeded on

To the horror of the woman watching her “life’s dream” before her

She saw that dream destroyed, demolished and decimated in front of her

When another tall handsome man approached the table of her handsome prince

He closed his old tome and rose, smiled with a radiance  like the sun

Then, hands held out, a loving kiss and an embrace….and now, the image of “her” prince

Shattered, smashed, shaken and shredded.

This man was his lover…and it seemed everyone there knew...

But for her, the dream was done; feeling lightheaded

With the speed of a cheetah after its prey

The woman paid her bill, headed towards the dreaded exit

Humiliated and ashamed; more than anxious to leave that quaint cafe.


Oh, but that face, that beautiful face; the eyes soulful and probing

A mouth she’d been longing to kiss; one that would leave her floating

Hair she wanted to tussle with her own fingers to soothe

She had heard his voice and the image matched; nice, smooth

But now, it was an illusion, a facade

And back into reality she had to succumb





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