Destruction With Language

It’s not often that I have an out-of-body experience while having an argument with someone.  What I mean is that I can actually separate myself from ME and the other person in the middle of the argument and see both sides, feel both sides, hear both sides, comprehend both sides….but also, know that someone is potentially lying.  That’s right.  In this case, someone was lying and I was bound and determined to prove it.

So for that reason alone, I separated my emotions from the rest of me and took on the roles of “judge, jury and executioner” and “destroyed” my opponent.  Everything this person argued to me, I threw back with more questions.  I’d take a piece of what they were saying and twist it around like taffy and toss it back.  I’d even delay my response.  I wanted to see how persistent this maggot was – and this piece of work was a maggot.  I don’t say that too often about many people but in this case, I’m making a total exception.

Men.  I just don’t get them at all. Sorry to my male followers who read here.  I’m struggling to figure out the male species – probably just like you’re trying to figure out the female species.  Literal, logical, task-oriented, direct, often blunt and critical; what strange creatures.  And those of us females somehow have to bridge the divide by being the caring, nurturing, more emotionally in tune and aware, open and giving of the sexes. We have the emotions; you? The logic, with a capital “L.”  Many times I appreciate the logic.  I truly do.  It helps bring a perspective for decision-making that I often miss or lack.  But for issues such as romance?  A whole different ballgame altogether!

But when it comes to arguments?  The Logic comes in and for me, oh Ms. Emotion mind here, I can be slaughtered easily if I’m not careful.  Which makes this experience so satisfying.  I could feel this guy squirm.  He was frustrated.  He kept asking what was “wrong” with me.  HA!  Wrong?  This guy was a jerk!  That’s what was wrong!  He lied!  When I finally came right out and said it, I felt good…but that’s when I noticed he fought harder to prove his point.  And I dug in my heels to stand my ground.  The words, “Never Say Die” came to mind.  My mindset was ‘to win’ over my opponent and was going to use language as my weapon.

Then the argument ends and he’s angry.  I see the carnage in the language stream left in the chat transcript and oh it was ugly.  The blood, gore, and carnage in that transcript looked like the roadkill you find on the side of the road of a major automobile accident before the body bags are out.  That’s when it hit me just how destructive language can be when used as weapons.  It made me think of what has been happening in our country, the United States, with the White Supremacists of late – and their “hatemongering.”  Speech and language are powerful tools and can both create and destroy and sometimes both at the same time and leave you wondering what truly happened.

In relationships, language and how it’s used can make them better or destroy them so easily.  If there’s an emotion to be expressed, it’s better to be open and honest – anger or love.  Nothing held back.

Otherwise, it’s just….roadkill.


Note:  These are the free ramblings of a writer on a timed writing exercise.  

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