A Bird In Flight

Trancevia Daily Prompt: Trance

Bird in flight over the Gulf of Mexico, by Naples

A bird flies

Through the skies

Effortlessly.  Drifting.

Trusting in the air beneath its wing

A flip of a wing.  Or two.  Drifting.

Higher.  And higher still.

Trusting in air’s will.

Watching from ground

Spray of the ocean all around

I see a bird flying.

No, hovering, drifting

Air is in full control

The bird surrendered its will.

Fascinating.  Amazing.

Breathtaking.  Illuminating.

So mesmerized am I

So entranced am I

Life stands still.

Now.  This moment.

The present.

Does the bird see me?

Does the bird know of my presence?

What does it see?

Is it aware of any presence…

Other than the air?

What does it think….of us?

People.  Who does not trust?

Who fight.  Who resist.

What is it we fight?

The driving external presence

Much like the air

That leads us all to our true selves.

With knock on wood

As if pounded by the blow

Of a crashing wave

The bird drifts.  Glides.

And the knock my senses cow

Out of my daydream; my trance.

Back to my office, my reality.

Oh, but for only a chance…

Just once.

I could fly like the bird.

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