The Fool

By the way, the is a P.S. to Musings




I was only posting some goddamn photos.  Truly.

Photos.  Nothing more.

This wasn’t Yahoo Messenger.  Not Zoosk.  Not

It was Instagram.  Instagram, for heaven’s sake.  Photos.  Shit…

I lost track at four, that’s right, four solicitations to follow.

Eh, why not?

One really caught my eye.  We talk.  We clicked.

It moves to Google Hangouts…

No sexual talk.  But here comes the charm; LOADED with it.  Love…?!?

This guy needed his reins tightened desperately….

“I’ll love you forever and ever,” Amen.  Yeah, right.

Here come the photos.  GOOD LOOKING.  Of course, he is!  They always are.

Wife died four years ago of?  Name your tragedy of the month.  This round: Cancer.

A daughter left behind with…a nanny.  Who leaves their kid with a nanny?

One red flag….

He’s in the military, but not the US.  He’s in the war in Syria under a UN mandate.

A mandate that died in 2012….

Two red flags….

Oh, he’s a doctor, that’s right, healing “the innocents” and now, “I’m the reason he wants out.”

Keep going.  It’s getting better the more you talk.  But, things aren’t right. Off-kilter.

He’s the “perfect man.”  Always there.

Says he’s coming home but then…he’s going to follow…Me wherever I go?  

Sentiment appreciated but…what are you running from?

Three red flags….

Then comes today.  The “I need your help and it’s ‘urgent'” message.

And, today was when it ended.  I ended it.  

He gave me the name of a “barrister.”  Yes, a romance scam was afoot.

I started to dig as I was linked to him.  It wasn’t any romance scam.

There are variants – the military scam is what this was.  

But wait! Google can check the photos!  And so I did just that….

Every photo he gave?   FALSE.  They belonged to a different American medical resident

I began to delete every…single…photo…

I blocked my email addresses….

I even shut down “Google Hangouts” …

And, Instagram?  I both blocked him – and reported him…

I had no money so, no losses – just wasted time and a bruised ego…

Plus more knowledge of what lurks in the world of cyberspace.

Love?  What’s that?  

Honestly?  I’m not even sure I know anymore….

I’m just The Fool who fell for pretty words and turns of phrase…

But yet, had the smarts to listen to her gut to get out FAST!



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