The Dark Knight

Alter egos
The Darkness Lurks Within

Lurking in a cave of darkness; mysterious, secretive

A computer that analyzes all, a hot car that has a rocket ship’s engine

A motorcycle that has torpedoes, a boat that can also fire off projectiles

Every toy that can be imaginable

Toss on the suit with a bitchin’ utility belt with gadgets galore

Poisons, antidotes, protective gear, hidden knives and “batamarangs” – YOW!



A dashing, handsome playboy women swoon over

This handsome “Playboy” has a dark sinister past

Hidden deep in the darkness of his soul

By day, he’s the CEO of the conglomerate his father built

The one that built every single “toy” in the secret cave of darkness

His family well-known wealthy philanthropists

The founder, a powerful well-respected man of honor

The woman, his loyal and loving wife and mother

The boy, the heir to the family fortune, their “pride and joy”

Our playboy’s life changes forever with one gunshot blast

A random act of robbery; his father fights to defend his mother

Tells his son to flee…then, his descent into hell

From that point on, the darkness bonded with this boy

Vengeance?  Revenge?  Anger?  Despair?  What truly drove him?

The loyal butler stayed at the side of this boy

He encouraged him to push on but he had nowhere to go

Eventually, he decided to work towards….vengeance…

He travels the world to study in schools and universities

Sciences of all kinds mastered…biology, chemistry, psychology, biochemistry, psychiatry, sociology, economics….

Sports of all varieties mastered

A pure, true genius with a goal

Martial arts from all schools mastered

Black belts racked up…not enough

Weaponry of all types mastered

Hand to hand combat mastered

Strength training mastered

Police and evidence gathering techniques mastered…

Military-based training from all schools mastered

Then comes the designs of every tool, every weapon, every vehicle, every gadget

And the cave itself, the computer-data analyzer; it’s all come together

This genius now has a goal:  to save the world from evil

But the darkness lurks deep inside of him; he hides his true self

And who is his true self?

The Dark Knight…

Dark Knight Returns

He is vengeance

He is revenge

He is darkness

He is the night

He is the nightmare of those who prey on the innocent

Who is his idol?

His fellow cave dweller, the one who strikes fear in most – the bat

They strike in the darkness with no warning

Then they leave just as quickly with no warning

Just like The Dark Knight

Whom he now resembles in attire as well as his sleep cycle

What drives him? What consumes him?

A darkness no one can break

A rage that no one can tame – pure vengeance

Vengeance?  He never forgot that day.

“That” day; the day the darkness took hold of his heart

He’s now The Dark Knight and determined to save his piece of the world

Gotham City

No more young boys losing their parents like he did

The Joker, the Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Two-Face

Villains of Batman
From top left to bottom right: Joker, Two Face, Riddler, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

All nightmares he’s had to live with as “The Caped Crusader”

By day, his alter ego is the wealthy playboy, women surrounding him

The free-living CEO who runs his father’s company

At night, he dons the cape of The Dark Knight 

Retro on etsy

He becomes vengeance

He becomes revenge

He becomes darkness

He becomes the night

The cycle continues…day then night.  Day then night….every day then every night

A powerful, honorable vigilante with darkness within his soul

The work never ends….never….



All images are DC Comics and Copyrighted from DC Comics




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