Not Again….The “Spice Trolls” Are Back

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Not again….they’re BAACK!

Once upon a time, it began with Yahoo Messenger…

Then it goes to Facebook Messenger…

Now, who knows?  You can get hit up by ANYONE…ANYWHERE!

It starts off years ago on Yahoo and I get the Marrieds looking for “spice.”  *rolls the eyes*

Does “Monogamy” mean anything to you idiots?  Your wife can’t give you any because SHE’S TIRED AND WANTS HELP WITH THE DISHES!

computer-frustration woman

And you want…”service.”  Exchange of photos.  Yeah, right.  So you go looking for “spice.” Good luck, pal.

Years later it starts off as, “Hey how you doing?  Haven’t heard from you in 20-30 years! You look GREAT!”  And, it’s usually the MAN who says this one.

It heads to the email…then the phone.  And at certain hours.  Guess why?

You got it – he’s married.  


What IS it about Monogamy?  If you’re not getting enough, either get counseling or END it, already.  Don’t go fishing for carp in the aquarium tank when you can have it all – the black angus steak!  The REAL meat – the one that you want!

But no.  They whine, complain, make excuses.  “But it costs too much…”  “It’s too much of a hassle…”  “I’ve been divorced once before and I nearly went broke…”   Oh the excuses pile up like yesterday’s laundry.  Believe or not, there are women who GO FOR THIS GARBAGE!  OH PLEASE!

And yes, I fell for the lies, the storytelling and the interweaving of truth and fairy tale – oh and toss on the romantic lines for good measure to give off the impression that “one day” – famous last words – that “one day” you’ll meet.

I’m still waiting for the LONG LINE of men who have said THAT to me.

Then I got OUT of that rat race.  I gave it all up and said, “No more.  Not for me.  If there’s one out there, he’d be HERE, BEFORE ME.”

Spice?  HA!  Where IS it?  Nowhere near ME, trust me.  I gave it all up and decided to live like a nun – not even a date!

Then I hit up instagram all to post my photos and link up my blog.  Innocent enough.

Now the trolls are THERE!

And he thinks he’s got the pick of the litter…

I start to post photos and link for sites for those who are posting to MY blog.  Then I get hit up by men who are looking for WOMEN.

I thought this was OVER WITH….

But there was one. Oh was he attractive; he said the right things; did the right things.  And he made me feel wonderful.  Absolutely wonderful.  Then we move over to Google Hangouts.  No photo exchanges – a good thing.  Being in the military helps…or married.  But he sure has a story carved out…widower, overseas as a military doctor.  I’ve seen the photos of him as a doctor.  That’s not what got my attention….

Who ELSE is hitting up his posts now – another woman; military.  It could be innocent. And it’s none of my business really.  But….It made me think of the photo above: just how many stories are woven, interwoven and what is he telling to whom.  Who is he to me or to another.  And does he mean what he says?

And, my emotions got “jerked,” the “spice.”

Yes, even Instagram isn’t safe from the “Spice Trolls” anymore.

But the bottom line here is this:  the ONLY spice that counts? The spice that I create for myself.  Writing, reading and the other things I do for myself.  If those other idiots who “promise” to show up, I’ll deal with them when that time comes.  Until then, I can’t wait for those ships to show up when they more than likely won’t.  I LIVE – PERIOD.


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